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Latest Street Fighter X Tekken patch freezes game


Posted by: David Sanchez

People have pointed out a few glitches in Street Fighter X Tekken since the game's launch. In an attempt to fix a few bugs, Capcom has released a new patch.

Unfortunately, that patch actually screws with the game more. It seems that Street Fighter X Tekken freezes whenever Rolento's thrown knife hits a fireball or fireball-like projectile. Yeah, that's kind of stupid. I haven't even updated my game to version 1.04 because, well, I didn't really care for Street Fighter X Tekken. Oh well.

In Capcom's defense, the latest patch does fix some of the bugs that were plaguing the game. Hit box problems, for example, have been addressed with this fix. Still, it's kind of funny (and again, pretty stupid) that a patch can fix some issues, all the while bringing a brand new problem into the game.

Oh, Capcom, you're so quirky!


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