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Rockstar announces free Max Payne 3 DLC, available now


Posted by: David Sanchez

Max Payne 3, the third entry in Rockstar's gritty third-person shooter series, has already welcomed in some favorable reviews. Gamers dig the single-player gameplay, and the multiplayer is pretty solid, too.

If you've already beaten Max Payne 3 or you've just got a hankering for some more content, you'll be glad to know that Rockstar has released the Gorilla Warfare Pack on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, absolutely free of charge.

The DLC includes a gorilla mask that rewards you with extra adrenaline for rear melee kills; a lucky coin that yields more cash when you're looting dead enemies' bodies; and a booby trap, so your corpse can be rigged with an explosive for those jerks who want to loot your fallen body after they shoot you in the face.

Players can also purchase the Rockstar Pass for $30 if they want to snag all of the upcoming Max Payne 3 DLC packs and save some money. If you've got no interest in downloading the future content, I would recommend downloading the Gorilla Warfare Pack at the very least. I mean, it's free. Plus, you get to wear a monkey mask. A monkey mask!

[Rockstar Games]

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