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Next Tales game is going to be a 'mothership' entry


Posted by: David Sanchez

Last week we discovered that Namco Bandai was set to unveil a brand new Tales game at the Tales of Festival. While no one was really certain as to where the game would fall in the series, it was reported on Jump magazine that it would take place in a brand new world.

We can now confirm that that's the case, as Famitsu has confirmed that the next Tales game to land in Japan will be a "mothership" title. What this means is that it won't be a remake or spin-off, and it will instead be a brand new main entry in the Tales franchise.

Platform and release date info has yet to be announced by Namco Bandai, but we can expect more on the game at the Tales of Festival on June 2. Also, there are going to be commercials for the game during a show called Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ on Fuji TV. Seriously, the name of that show is just amazing.


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