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Sony really wants The Binding of Isaac on PSN


Posted by: David Sanchez

Super Meat Boy may never appear on the PlayStation Network, but that doesn't mean other games from Edmund McMillen won't.  In fact, McMillen previously cleared up any assumptions regarding Team Meat's relationship with Sony, saying that there were never any problems with the company to begin with.

In addition to that, McMillen also mentioned not too long ago that he was looking to port The Binding of Isaac over to the PlayStation Network. It looks like Sony has been in talks with the developer, and the company really wants the game on its digital download platform.

When asked on Formspring if he had heard anything from the PlayStation manufacturer, McMillen simply answered, "Sony wants Isaac ... a lot. We will see what happens."

Cryptic words indeed! What could McMillen possibly have planned for The Binding of Isaac? We certainly know that the near future holds some enticing $3 DLC. But will The Binding of Isaac eventually land on the PlayStation Network? The game would certainly be a fine fit for the portable Vita. And plenty of gamers would jump at the chance to play this twin-stick shooter with a dual analog controller on the PlayStation 3.

For now, I guess we just wait.

[Near Vita]

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