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Dark Souls hits 1.19 million sales in North America and Europe


Posted by: David Sanchez

Despite the fact that Dark Souls can be frustratingly difficult, people still love it. They love it because of its smart design and wonderfully old school level of challenge. They love it because it's unlike a lot of other games and because, simply put, it's just really great.

In Japan, the game has managed to ship 370,000 units as of last November. Namco Bandai has now released the numbers for North America and Europe. According to the publisher, Dark Souls has pushed a total of 1.19 million copies — that's sold, not shipped.

That's certainly an impressive number, and it's good to see Dark Souls selling well. Hopefully this means that Japanese developers won't be afraid to truly challenge gamers and release more brutally tough games outside of Japan. I know I certainly appreciate dying in video games as long as it's done in a tasteful manner.

We can probably expect overall sales to increase once Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition launches for the PC.  That means more people will be pissed off! But it also means more people will be playing one hell of a game.

[Namco Bandai, Joystiq]

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