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Famous anime studios unite to celebrate Kid Icarus


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

We here at GameZone have a decent appreciation for the Japanese animes, and combining anime with video games is just icing on the cake. That's why these three animated shorts created for Nintendo's new Kid Icarus Uprising franchise are so cool, not only highlighting one of the better 3DS games out there right now, but also having been created by three famous anime studios: Production I.G, Shaft and Studio 4C. Definitely digging Shaft's creation: Palatena's Revolving Diner, though we're not sure whether these shorts are free on the 3DS eShop or if players are expected to pony up some Nintendo points.

We like anime and all, but... these are basically commercials right? They better be free!

Game info: Medusa has been resurrected and is gathering the underworld forces of darkness to fulfill her ambition. You play as an angel named Pit who is bestowed the power of flight from Palutena, the Goddess of Light. Repel the Medusa's underworld army with your choice of an array of weapons like: Blades, Claws, Bow, Cannon, Mace, Staff and others that you will discover along your journey. Multiplayer mode allows for competitive gameplay locally or over a wireless Internet connection. Its time for Medusa to meet the power of light and only you can guide Pit to victory!The game comes packed with a black stand for use with your 3DS console.

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