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Another country is getting that sweet scarlett red PS3


Posted by: David Sanchez

Seriously, people, the scarlett red PlayStation 3 is the nicest looking version of Sony's home console. The Tales edition and white model were nice — hell, they were gorgeous! — but the scarlett red PlayStation 3 just looks so ... beautiful. And I'm pissed we never got the damn thing in North America when I was out buying my PlayStation 3!

The red model first popped up in Japan, but last month, we reported that it was landing in the UK, as well. That's fine. I'm not jealous at all. Except I'm completely jealous.

Now, it looks like yet another country is getting the lovely red PlayStation 3. And no, it's no area within North America. This time it's the lucky punks is the country of Australia.

I'll let them slide since they hardly every get anything. Also, the damn thing is being priced at $495.95, which would be about $470 over here. The pretty red PlayStation 3 will launch in Australia on May 31, and it will come bundled with two controllers. Enjoy it, Australia. Enjoy it.


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