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Blizzard explains Auction House transaction fees for Diablo III

Blizzard has revealed its terms for transactions in Diablo III's Auction House.

The company will claim a profit on any weapons, armor, accessories, or unique items sold for either in-game or real-world currency. — at the Gold Auction House and Real-Money Auction House, respectively. For the former, Blizzard will take 15%. Actual money transactions will subtract a $1.00 fee. The sales minimum is $1.25, while the maximum allowed is $250.

The developers will charge 15% on all commodities, such as gems or recipes, regardless of transaction type.

Saving earned money in your account is free, but relocating the money into a PayPal account will shave off another 15%.

Players can host up to 10 active auctions per house, with each lasting 48 hours. Read Blizzard's official FAQ for more information.

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