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Indie game The Adventures of Shuggy getting new life on Steam


Posted by: David Sanchez

Last time we heard anything regarding The Adventures of Shuggy, things were looking grim for developer David Johnston. After a lack of promotion from Microsoft and several delays, the game failed to create much revenue despite actually getting solid reviews.

Johnston had previously stated that he would probably call it quits as far as game development goes, a decision that's quite saddening considering the circumstances. Now, though, it seems as though that won't be happening just yet.

Johnston's studio Smudged Cat Games is planning to release The Adventures of Shuggy on Steam. Pricing and release info are under wraps at the moment, but as someone who really thought the game was unfairly overlooked, I'm glad to see it getting a second chance.

The Adventures of Shuggy is a puzzle platformer that features time traveling mechanics akin to Braid. As previously mentioned, the game received great reviews, so if you have yet to play it, definitely watch out for it on Steam. Here's hoping this provides Smudged Cat Games with enough incentive to continue making games.


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