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Hitman Absolution voice actors talk about their characters


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

The agency that employs Agent 47 has a bit more character this time around, as evidenced by two seemingly clueless voice actors. Not sure how this footage made its way into a trailer, as neither of the actors really have anything of interest to say about the game, with one only able to bring up Donkey Kong as an example of a video game he may have played, with needlessly epic , repetative music in the background.

Not sure what it is with this trend of pumping out these really awful behind the scenes trailers, showing off generic motion capture or soundtrack creation. Though I guess it's kind of fun to find out that the female motion capture artist got bigger boobs from the technology. At least Hitman will be well-endowed. Oh, and a ten second sneak peek of the actual cutscene. Woo!

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