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Ghost Recon Online trailer showcases Specialist class


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online is very focused on class-based combat, and teams who use a mixture of classes will have access to a variety of skills for dominating the battlefield. The Specialist class is highlighted by this new trailer, and this self-styled "electronic warfare expert" seems a valuable addition to any team.

Specialists can choose from either a light machine gun, or shotgun as their stock weapon, though its the various toys that this class brings to the table that really change the game. Using the "Blackout" EMP blast, specialists can disable enemy tech, reduce visibility, and even jam enemy guns at higher levels. Or, using the Aegis bullet shield, the specialist can help warp fire away from the team, while letting them fire back through the shield without worry.

Two static skills are also available to the specialist, which apparently will assist the whole team. Device recharge helps bring tech back online faster, while ammo resupply means the squad can keep firing without running out of bullets. 

Overall, a very balanced support class, and one we'll definitely be checking out when this free to play FPS drops. What about you?

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