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'Just Dance' with Propel, win $20,000


Posted by: Tate Steinlage

You like videogames, correct? You also like money, correct? How does it sound, then, if we told you that you could instantly nab $20,000 playing Just Dance 3 for Xbox 360; sounds awesome, doesn't it? This isn't a fantasy, though, the folks behind Just Dance 3 and vitamin water brand Propel have teamed up for an "energizing" sweepstakes. 

According to contest rules, players will need to choose from one of  four contest-selected songs and then "Just Create" mode it, keeping in mind that the first 30 seconds are crucial to the contest judges. After you're dance is completed, you'll have to change the title to "PROPEL" for a qualifying chance at the $20,000. From there you'll simply need to upload your video to the Just Dance 3 contest page. 

Once your video is up for all to admire (or cringe over), you'll receive a link via email to your registration page where you can share your video off for a better shot at the cash prize. It's quite the simple contest, but you bet your behind that a large number of "dancers" will be shaking their way into it. The entire list of rules can be seen here

We can only offer a small bit of advice for contestants: Shake it and they'll come (with cash, we hope)! 

Source: [Just Dance 3]

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