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Battlefield 3: Close Quarters 'Donya Fortress' gameplay revealed


Posted by: Matt Liebl

DICE has revealed the second of four maps included in June's Battlefield 3 expansion pack, Close Quarters.  As the name suggests, this upcoming expansion pack is themed all around close tight indoor environments to present "relentless infantry action with unprecedented HD Destruction".

The new trailer shows off gameplay footage on the map dubbed "Donya Fortress".  In today's trailer you will see more the gameplay changing HD Destruction, but keep an eye out for the new game mode being introduced in the expansion: Conquest Domination.  According to DICE, Conquest Domination is "basically a clever mix of the tactical Conquest mode and the instant action gameplay approach in Close Quarters, tailored to the tight level design and frantic close quarters combat."

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters is expected to release in June 2012, one week early on the PS3.  It will include 10 new weapons and four new maps all themed around close quarter combat.

"The HD Destruction in Close Quarters lets players riddle the environment with bullets, reducing entire locales to ruin. Everything from furniture to plaster can be shot to pieces, and players can see the result of the mayhem as rubble and broken pieces pile up on the floor," the description reads.   "The tight level design and many opportunities for vertical gameplay mean players will need to bring their A game if they want to stay alive in this highly competitive theater of war."

Key features in Close Quarters include:

  •     Get plunged into frantic and relentless infantry combat
  •     Check your corners as death can come from any angle
  •     HD destruction lets you reduce entire locales to ruin
  •     Earn new weapons and bring them back to the base game
  •     Complete new assignments and equip unique dog tags
  •     Play in new ways, mixing team play and instant action


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