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Cave Story headed to the 3DS eShop


Posted by: David Sanchez

Cave Story has been released on a total of 81 different platforms. Now it's launching on one more. It's being reported on the latest issue of Nintendo Power magazine that Studio Pixel's infamous indie hit will not launch on the 3DS eShop.

Cave Story (classic) is currently available in two forms on the 3DS. You can download the DSi version of the game, and there's also Cave Story 3D, which launched not long ago at retail. Before this latest version hits the eShop, it's very likely that the DSiWare version will be taken down  to remain exclusively on the DSi's digital shop.

This new eShop version will not be anything like Cave Story 3D, but rather a lot closer to Cave Story+, which was released on Steam. It will also include all of the extra content (Boss Rush, Curly Brace mode, etc.) as all previous versions. Lastly, the eShop iteration of Cave Story will sport widescreen and 3D support.

If you've never played Cave Story, then I'm shocked, because I thought everyone had played the game by now. But seriously, if you've never played it, maybe this eShop version is your chance to get in on the fun. Also, if you have played a certain version but never got all of that neat extra stuff, you may want to check out the one landing on the eShop.

[Nintendo World Report]

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