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Prey 2 has been untouched since last year


Posted by: Tate Steinlage

According to an anonymous source at Human Head, Prey 2's development has been halted since last November. Yesterday, Human Head officially delayed the game to allow more time for final polishing, but according the source, its delay is due to a business deal gone wrong. 

The source tells ShackNews that Prey 2's development has been in turmoil for "quite some time." Apparently, Human Head has been unhappy with its contract with ZeniMax and performed a minor strike, pausing the game's development in hopes of gaining a better deal. Though a restructure between Human Head and ZeniMax has yet to be announced, it seems as though the developer is back to working on the upcoming title. 

Fans who've stuck behind Human Head and the Prey series may just have to hang on longer; they might even want to say a prayer or two, because it's apparent that there's no solid ground for development just yet. Hopefully we'll indeed see the sequel early next year, because at first glace Prey 2 was looking quite solid. 

Source: [ShackNews]

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