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FFXIII-2 Walkthrough | Where to find the Wild Artefact in Serendipity


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

Where to find the Wild Artefact in Serendipity

Save up your casino coins for this expensive artefact. Return after saving Noel in a Dying World 700AF, which will let you get the Bargain Hunter ability, reducing the price from 10,000 coins to 7,500. The Casino games all seem a bit rigged, so just trade in your money for coins, and splurge on the final Wild Artefact!
What are Wild Artefacts?:

You can access all available locations and time variations throughout the game in Historia Crux. You can open it in game menu. You can use it at any time but, to open a new location you need an Artefact. Artefact is a key to unlock a time gate. you can earn the artefact by completing a story objective. But if you need any king of help here it is, we aregiving you the full guide of all Artefact that you can earn in-game.

Closing Gates and Reversing Time

One time when you visit an area, you will find a certain stone of this area, here you can close that gate and reset the timeline to how things were before you first arrived. You can play this area again anytime you want. No fragments you had earned from the area will be lost. Once you’re done messing around, you can open the gate again, restoring the timeline to where it was before you reversed time
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