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Amazon leaks God of War: Ascension


Posted by: David Sanchez

Rumors about a God of War IV have been taking the internet by storm for months now. We've seen listings on foreign websites allowing gamers to supposedly pre-order the game. Then there were all those job listings. There was even speculation that Sony itself was teasing a new entry in the popular franchise.

Now, though, it seems as though a new God of War game has been pretty much confirmed, though not by Sony. Amazon has just leaked some box art for a PlayStation 3 title called God of War: Ascension. Now, this isn't the game's final box art, but it's certainly still something to go by, especially since it's on Amazon.

As if that wasn't enough, there's even a trailer for the game. So yeah, a new God of War game? Totally official now. Sony, just make the damn thing officially official already, will ya?

Whether this is actually a follow-up to God of War III is unknown. Still, judging from the trailer, Ascension seems to be a new story that possibly explains the events that occurred in Kratos' past. We'll have to wait for details. Here's hoping Sony reveals some details in the near future. Like, tomorrow.


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