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New Super Mario game for the Wii U to be announced at E3


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Are you ready for a new Super Mario game?  Are you ready for this game to be exclusive to the Wii U?  If you answered yes to both these questions then you’ll be excited to know that come June, at E3, there will be an announcement about this new Mario game.

In an interview with El Mundo, a Spanish newspaper, Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto was anticipating a new Mario game for the new console.  The interviewer said:

"Miyamoto, who smiled during all the interview - even when he wants to change the topic because 'it's not the moment' to talk about Wii U - thinks that the experience and the new game modes of this new console won't be 'easily replicated in other devices', which will allow them to escape the new tablet competition.”

"The creator advances that at the next E3, the biggest video games show, which is celebrated in Los Angeles in June, Nintendo will present a new Super Mario for this platform, in which you will combine the TV screen with the screen in the controller."

Later in the evening this El Mundo report was confirmed to  Attached to this confirmation was a promise of more information to come soon.  In this confirmation a Nintendo spokesperson said:

"In a recent interview, Mr. Miyamoto confirmed that a new Super Mario Bros. game for the Wii U system will be shown at this year's E3 Expo.  We'll have more to announce about our plans for the E3 Expo at a later date."

So there you have it.  We’re two month away from knowing anything else about this new Super Mario title but it’s comforting knowing that it is coming on the horizon.  We will certainly post more news as we hear it for this Nintendo project.


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