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Modern Warfare 3 sales numbers are slowing down, already behind Black Ops


Posted by: Mike Splechta

Modern Warfare 3, one of the biggest releases of last year, mostly thanks to hype, seems to be slowing down in terms of sales. While it killed in sales during launch, it seems that in terms of how long it's been on the market, it is now selling less than its predecessor, Black Ops.

The exact sales numbers weren't made public, however analysts state that MW3 sales are behind by around 4.2 percent, in regards to Black Ops.

This could be due to a few factors, with the most obvious one being, people are catching on to the fact that CoD games are rather too similar of experiences to one another, or the fact that maybe gamers are getting tired of the shooter genre.

Analyst Michael Pachter also added that weak sales during the month of March could have been an indicator that people are more reliant on new releases, rather than buying games after their debut.


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