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Gabriel Knight creator Jane Jensen announces her upcoming game, Moebius

Jane Jensen, creator of the Gabriel Knight series and co-designer of King's Quest VI, has returned to the gaming scene through Kickstarter. The designer asked fans to vote on which game interested them most, and the results have been tallied. Jensen's next game will be Moebius.

Moebius is a point-and-click, third-person adventure game with a graphic novel style — a "metaphysical thriller" that's a cross between the TV show Fringe, Jensen's novel Dante's Equation, and Gabriel Knight.

"I've wanted to return to adventure game development for years, and now is exactly the right time," she told Gamasutra. "The casual game market is ready for meatier fare and the hardcore audience is nostalgic for games like these."

With her newly formed Pinkerton Road studio, Jensen plans to create several games if funding can reach at least $300,000. Right now $178,346 have been raised.

If the Kickstarter hits $600,000 in donations, Pinkerton Road will begin working on a second title this year.

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