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Molyneux doesn't care about retail that much anymore


Posted by: David Sanchez

When he's not making Fable games or creating his own companies such as 22 Cans, Peter Molyneux is usually sharing his views on the gaming industry. Not everyone agrees with the guy, and a lot of his statements in the past have seemed pretty outlandish. That said, he certainly provides a unique view of the video game industry.

Molyneux recently discussed his plans for the future with 22 Cans and talked about what he hoped to accomplish in the gaming spectrum. He also shared his thoughts on retail games. Simply put, the dude doesn't seem to care about retail a whole lot these days.

"The incentives for driving me out of my seat and into a shop is becoming increasingly limited," said Molyneux. "I don’t go to retail to buy a film. I don’t go to retail to buy music. I don’t go to buy books any more. And I’m certainly not that interested in buying games in shops, myself. If you look at everything that’s exciting, from the resurgence of PC to iPad and iPhones, it’s hard to see where retail fits into that."

This will undoubtedly be another Molyneux-brand opinion that a lot of gamers disagree with. Even though I'm a huge fan of downloadable games and play tons of indie titles across several digital download platforms, I can't deny the fact that I'm a huge fan of retail titles. Yes, gaming has evolved, and it will continue to do so, but there's certainly still a space for physical games and retail shops.

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