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Quake 4 re-releasing on Xbox 360, PC


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Seven-year-old first person shooter Quake 4 is being re-released on Xbox 360 and PC, Bethesda announced today.

Quake 4 was one of the Xbox 360's best launch titles and "with it becoming harder and harder to find a new copy of the game", the company will be releasing it again for $19.99.

Quake 4 will be available, again, for Xbox 360 on Tuesday, June 19th in North America.  In Europe, the game will arrive on Xbox 360 and PC in the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Benelux territories.

The game is already available on Steam, so we're not sure if the PC re-release will contain any extra goodies.  We've reached out to Bethesda and will let you know what we hear.

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