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Check out some interesting Killer Is Dead art


Posted by: David Sanchez

I'm a huge fan of Suda51's work. As you could probably expect, I'm not a big fan of anyone who doesn't like Suda51's work. That's just me, though. I like what I like, and I don't like those who dislike it. (Read it one more time and it will make sense.)

While Suda51 and famed zombie flick writer James Gunn are prepping to launch Lollipop Chainsaw this June, it seems the brilliant video game mind is also working on his next project. Titled Killer Is Dead, all we know about the game so far is that it's not related to Killer7 in any way.

Actual gameplay footage has yet to surface, but some neat concept art has popped up. It's kind of weird because a few of the images have a dark film noir look to them. Then there are others that sport a traditional Japanese tone. And then there's a giant fat guy stomping on some buildings. Yeah, this is a Suda51 game.

Here's hoping we get some details on the game sometime in the near future. That probably won't happen until Lollipop Chainsaw launches, but I'm perfectly fine with that because I am super stoked to play that game. Keep 'em coming, Grasshopper!

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