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Blizzard Announces StarCraft II World Championship Series


Posted by: Dustin Steiner

Global Starcraft League... Major League Gaming... North American Star League.. IGN Pro League... So many tournaments, but none of them really answer that one burning question that every eSports enthusiast has: who's the BEST in the world? Blizzard has embarked to answer that question with their new and improved StarCraft II World Championships

This series will consist of more than 30 tournaments organized by Blizzard and other tournament organizers. It will start at a grassroots level of region before working your way all the way up to the national and the world stage. Blizzard released this statement on their website on the series:

"The National Championships are designed to allow local heroes to rise to the top and be recognized in their country. The top finishers at each National Championship will earn spots at their continental Finals events, which will be an all-out brawl between neighboring countries to decide who will represent their continent at the World Championship."

Some basics to remember about the tournament - all of these tournaments will be double elimination best of three format, nationality will be defined by country of residence and everyone must qualify (there will be no special invitations). 

Better get to practicing if you want the chance to represent America on the world stage... if you think you have what it takes, that is.

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