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Far Cry 3 multiplayer to have Mortal Kombat-like endings


Posted by: Tate Steinlage

If crazy is what you like, then you're going to love Far Cry 3's multiplayer. According to a recent OXM preview, the upcoming shooter features "crazy" over the top action with countless "cuckoo" moments.

“It’s off the map; there’s no chain of command, and there’s no order,” says senior lead game designer Magnus Jansén. Given this tableau, how best to bring a nuanced multiplayer component to the proceedings? This was the task set before Swedish development house Massive Entertainment.

After much to-ing and fro-ing, teamplay became the heart of Far Cry 3’s multiplayer component. “I think the teamplay, the ‘friends matter’ philosophy is a counterpoint to the insanity and the chaos,” explains Jansén. “We use your teammates fighting side-by-side as a guide, like a guiding light through all the explosions and anarchy.”

Most interesting, though, is the addition of Mortal Kombat-like endings to every multiplayer match. Yes, you heard right, after every round the top player from the winning team will have the chance to choose how to "finish" his/her enemies. 

At the end of each round, an interactive cinematic lets the highest-scoring player decide how to treat their compromised opponent, not unlike a finishing move in Mortal Kombat. Punches to the face or a compassionate cutting free of the enemy are the only options we saw, but the team is aiming to have 30 or more, which span the violence spectrum. “You’d get court-martialed if you did something like that [in a military setting],” muses Jansén. “And here it’s just, ‘this is what these crazy pirates will do.’” 

Far Cry 3 is shaping up to be quite the experience. We've already seen spectacular graphics, fast-paced gameplay, and now insane multiplayer addtions. The folks over at Ubisoft are hoping to break through with the third installment, and if this is any indication, it looks like it'll be breaking down the door this fall.

Source: [OXM]

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