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Battlefield 3 'Ultimate Shortcut Bundle' available on Xbox 360 for 3200 MP


Posted by: Matt Liebl

EA has released the new "Ultimate Shortcut Bundle" for Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360.  Instantly unlocking all 119 weapons, gadgets, and vehicle upgrades in the multiplayer mode comes with a pretty hefty price, however. 

Now available for purchase, the DLC comes with $40 price tag (3200 Microsoft Points).  It's an expensive price point considering you can eventually unlock them all just by playing the game.  Of course, for those who wish to get in the mix of things instantly and have a level playing field with others online they may be tempted to unlock the DLC.

To download the Battlefield 3 Ultimate Shortcut Bundle, visit the Microsoft Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

DICE also released the latest Battlefield 3 update today for Xbox 360 which added Rent a Server functionality, giving players the ability to rent servers and use custom settings for multiplayer matches.  It also included a ton of gameplay tweaks and balancing.

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