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Xenoblade Chronicles Walkthrough | Part 02


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

Vito Gesualdi takes MONOLITHSOFT's RPG masterpiece for a spin. Slated to drop for the Nintendo Wii on April 6th in North America, this gorgeous game could be the console's swan song. In part two Time to explore town! Shulk investigates the Xenoblade, meeting some friends along the way.

Aggro is the measure of a monster's animosity towards each party member. Themore damage that a monster takes from a party member, the greater the aggrotowards that member. If a member of the party bcomes the target of a monster's wrath, an Aggro Ring will appear around them. Yellowish arrow denotes direction of monster.

Some Arts are more effective from certain positions. Shulk's Back Slash dealsmore damage if he attacks from behind the monster. This is called the Art's Bonus Effect. You should use Aggro Rings to help find the best position.

When an Aggro Ring appears around Reyn, Shulk has the chance to use Back Slash from the rear. If successful and the Bonus Effect condition is met, the damage value will be displayed in a greyish circle. Bash the bug into the ground!

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