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Play Eve Online to earn a Graphics Card


Posted by: Dustin Steiner

CCP Games, the developer behind EVE Online, has struck a deal with Nvidia for players to use in-game currency -- PLEX -- to purchase GeForce 560 GTX graphics cards, which run almost $200 at retail. An impressive feat, to be able to offer something real and tangible for your play time online. It's certainly one thing to say "Hey, look at this shiny new mount I grinded gold for" and another entirely to say "Check out my new graphics card that I got for playing a game". 

For those unclear on what PLEX is - PLEX, or Pilot Extension License, is currency that is used to pay for EVE Online's monthly subscription. This can also be exchanged on the Galactic Market for ISK, which is the ingame currency used to buy things in EVE. The system was originally devised to reward dedicated players with "free" game time - now it looks like they'll have something else to look forward to.

Nvidia and CCP will start by testing the waters with 100 graphics cards available, just to see how big the demand is. Assuming all goes well, this could be a great way for CCP to alleviate the PLEX buildup that has occured on the server in recent months. 

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