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Silent Hill: Book of Memories delayed until May 31

There seems to be no end to the grievances people are having with the recent Silent Hill HD Collection, and now Konami is pushing its luck again by delaying Book of Memories for the PlayStation Vita, which was supposed to release tomorrow, March 27, for the PlayStation Vita.

The publisher has rescheduled the game for May 31—most likely a placeholder since the date falls on a Thursday and most new titles arrive in stores on Tuesdays.

When asked about the delay, Konami replied, "Stay tuned for a more formal announcement."

So much for March being the ultimate month for Silent Hill. Could the delay be related to the recent outcries over the HD Collection—an effort to hold off on another release until the backlash dies down a bit? Konami certainly doesn't need any more bad press if Book of Memories tanks.

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