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Tales of Graces f | Discovery Guide #3 (Discoveries 11-15)


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

Tales of Graces f boasts 85 different discoveries waiting to be recorded in your discovery book. Here's numbers 11 through 15:
Discovery #11: Water of Absolution
Inside the Barona Sanctuary, examine the flowing water to the right of the shrine (with the left side of the shrine being the door into the sanctuary depths). There you'll find the Water of Absolution.
Discovery #12: Morino Flowers
Seven years later and Asbel is still seeking out discoveries. While journeying with Malik through the forest, seek out a hillside in the mideast section of the map, dotted with white and orange flowers.
Discovery #13: Tea Fields
On the way back to Barona with Malik, stop to examine the tea fields along the path. 
Discovery #14: Ice Pops
The frosty treat that can't be beat! Pick up these popsicles (and another entry in your Discovery Book) beside the north exit of Barona.
Discovery #15: Headmaster's Bust
This imposing statue sits right outside the Knight Academy. Check it out!
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