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Is El Shaddai 2 in the works?


Posted by: David Sanchez

Last year, El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron launched to much acclaim. Though the game certainly didn't break any boundaries for the medium, it was a well-received action game that had a ton of style and enjoyable gameplay. El Shaddai was so enjoyable that GameZone's Mike Splechta awarded it with a great 8.5/10 review score.

It looks like we may be getting a sequel, because a teaser site opened up for what appears to be a new entry in the series. There are literally no details on the game whatsoever. All we got was a snazzy image and some links to Facebook and Twitter.

Oh, and the words "coming soon" are also etched across the screen. What could that mean? Well, most likely that the game (or it's official site) will be coming soon. That's investigative journalism at its finest, folks!

I never did get around to playing the first El Shaddai. I always wanted to, but it was one of those games that unfortunately slipped under my radar. Still, I look forward to seeing what's next for the series as I really dig the art style and thought the first entry looked like a really cool action game. Is El Shaddai 2 something that you would be interested in playing?

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