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Tales of Graces f Walkthrough | Cutscenes & Skits - Part 03


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

Tales of Graces f follows the adventures of a group of former childhood friends, as they attempt to rediscover the bonds between them and save the world. Here we've collected the game's cutscenes and skits for your enjoyment, in full HD!

Part 3 - Richard Arrives

A mysterious boy from the capital arrives, and Asbel and his friends help to save him from a pack of monsters. Afterwards Asbel attempts to befriend the boy, but ends up sparring with his sword instructor Bryce. Afterwards, Asbel takes Richard to Lhant Hill to see the flowers, only to be confronted by Bryce once more, the man revealing himself as an assassin. His target? Prince Richard!

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