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Where to find the Cartesian Board | FFXIII-2 Fragment Guide (New Bodhum 700AF)


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragment Guide (New Bodhum 700AF)

[#5] Caresian Board
New Bodhum 700AF has a few hidden fragments floating around. You'll find this one hidden in the far east of the map, beneath a tree branch. First use Mog's Moogle Hunt ability to reveal the secret item box, then toss him in there to grab Fragment of Time #5 - the Cartesian Board and 600CP.
Topics Covered
-Where to find the Cartesian Board.
-Finding all missions / fragments in the New Bodhum 700AF area
Items Found
-Cartesian Board Fragment
-600 Crystarium Points (CP)
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