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(#30) Platinum Ring [Retrieve the recording device] | FFXIII-2 Fragment Guide (Bresha Ruins 300AF)


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragment Guide (Bresha Ruins 300AF)

(#30) Platinum Ring - Retrieve the recording device
Standing on the stairs in the southeast section of the Bresha Ruins 300AF is Jonah, who has lost his recording device. Filled with all sorts of important monster guide information, we decide to help him find it. In the northwest ruins area, go the farthest NW corner to find a room with a Red Chocobo inside. Use Mog's Moogle Hunt ability to reveal a hidden item box, containing the Recording Device. Return this device to Jonah, who will gift you Fragment of Time #30 - the Platinum Ring, along with 400 crystarium points.
Topics Covered
-Where to find Jonah
-Where to retrieve the recording device (where to find the recording device)
-How to get the Platinum Ring Fragment
-Finding all missions in the Bresha Ruins 300AF area
Items Found
-Platinum Ring Fragment
-400 CP (Crystarium Points)
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