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(#24) Rhodium Ring [Retrieve the device] | FFXIII-2 Fragment Guide (Bresha Ruins 100AF)


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

FFXIII-2 Fragment Guide (Bresha Ruins 100AF)

[#24] Rhodium Ring - Retrieve the device]
If you've already gotten the Palladium Ring, Osmium Ring and Ruthenium ring, Noel will afterwards wonders if this is the best way to figure out the paradox, though Mog assures him that it's best to explore all angles of a situation. This opens up the Rhodium Ring sidequest. Go talk to Ronan by the gravestone to trigger it!
Ronan has a data collection device which will take hundreds of years to collect any important info. Luckily, we're time travelers. After accepting the quest to find his monitoring device, hop over to the Bresha Ruins 300AF (the one with all the snow). Visit the gravestone there and grab the Old Device item, before returning to Ronan in Bresha Ruins 100AF. He'll confirm that Atlas's control device is somehow responsible for the paradox. Time to investigate this hypothesis! 
Topics Covered
-Where to find Ronan
-Where to retrieve the device (where to find the monitoring device / old device)
-How to get the Rhodium Ring Fragment
-Finding all missions in the Bresha Ruins 100AF area
Items Found
-Old Device
-Rhodium Ring Fragment
-1000 CP (Crystarium Points)
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