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Minecraft Pocket Edition sells over 1 million copies


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Minecraft Pocket Edition has now sold over 1 million copies, Mojang's Daniel Kaplan revealed today.

Made available back in 2011, Minecraft Pocket Edition allows fans to create worlds on the go.  Although it was originally created to give fans the ability to create Minecraft worlds via Creative mode, Mojang has since admitted their initial design for the game was wrong.

"You wanted monsters, resources, animals and more different blocks," Kaplan explained back in January.  Basically, fans wanted the Minecraft PC version on their mobile device.

Fast forward a few weeks/updates later and Minecraft Pocket Edition now has Survival and Creative modes, new blocks, mobs, and day and night survival mode.  Oh, and 1 million players.

"Thanks all for the support and I hope you will like the coming updates," Kaplan concluded.

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