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League of Legends: Vandal Gragas skin now available


Posted by: Matt Liebl

League of Legends champion Gragas, the Rabble Rouser, is getting a new look today.

Joining the rest of the gang, Gragas will don his new Vandal apparel, complete with epic, beer keg themed spell effects and keg-pumping animations.  Gragas is now the fifth member of the Vandals, joining Twitch, Brand, Vladimir, and Jax.

The new vandal skin dresses Gragas in biker jeans, a leather vest (thankfully covering his disgusting gut), and spiked brass knuckles.  Check out his in-game look below.

Vandal Gragas - League of Legends

The new Vandal Gragas skin can be purchased for 975 from the League of Legends store, under the Skins tab

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