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New games coming to the PS Vita


Posted by: Lance Liebl

Gravity Rush is too far away, and I already have MLB 12: The Show pre-ordered, so what other PS Vita games are there to look forward to?  We just don't know — until March 9, 2012...

The Japanese PlayStation site has a picture of a blue curtain that says "PS Vita" on it.  In a spotlight is: 20:00, Friday, March 9th, START!

ps vita new games

According to Destructoid, there will be a webcast called PlayStation Vita Game Heaven and they will reveal a bunch of new games for the Vita.

I for one am hoping for a rhythm game using the touch screen that features the rippin and tearin guy.  Like, maybe you tap on him to make him crabwalk while he pretends his index and middle finger are a woman's lady parts.  Just a thought.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if there's an RPG or two announced.  It's wierd having a Sony system and no true RPG to play on it.

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