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Developer Klei Entertainment is going stealthy in Mark of the Ninja


Posted by: Mike Splechta

Shank and Shank 2 were both wonderfully stylized action brawlers that almost felt cathartic when you played them. Something about brutally slaying legions of thugs and watching their blood shoot out of their helpless bodies just appeals to the sadist inside of everyone.

Now the team behind the Shank games are working on yet another game, called Mark of the Ninja. If you visit the TEASER site, you might be a little bit confused, as you're presented with a text adventure of sorts at first. You might fail it a couple of times but trust me, it's easy enough to get through it (Read: just be stealthy!).

Don't be fooled though, this short but clever text adventure just leads to the best part, the teaser trailer! From those short 30 seconds, you'll not only get to see a bad ass ninja dude stealthily taking down his enemy, but also that the game is set to come out Summer 2012! It definitely looks to retain the violent aspect from both Shank games, which I couldn't be more happy about.

Going by the logo's on the trailer, it looks like the game is only schedule to come to XBLA, though at this point, that's only a speculation.

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