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(#64) Bubbly Stone (Tile Trial Puzzle Guide) | Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragment Guide


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

Fragment Guide | Bubbly Stone (#64)

Oerba (300AF) - Tile Trial Puzzle Guide
Standing on the beach in Oerba (300AF), Mog seems to notice something. Use the Moogle Hunt ability to find more tile trial puzzles! 
For the first puzzle, bear right, then hit all the white panels in a counterclockwise fashion before riding the edge of the puzzle to the end.
The second puzzle introduces a twist, moving crystals! Be quick to grab the first two in a row, then go right for the third, before returning to the main track for a forth, then fifth. Wait for the sixth crystal to appear ahead of you before grabbing it, then move right and up to snag the seventh. Return to the main track for the 8th and 9th, then go for the exit. 
For the third puzzle, you're used to moving crystals. Stop on the first white panel and snag the crystal next to it when it moves. Then go up and to the left, stopping on another white panel and waiting for the crystal. Grab the last two by moving counterclockwise, and exit the paradox for Fragment of Time #64 - Bubbly Stone
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