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Dark Souls strategy guide heads to PSN


Posted by: David Sanchez

I'm very afraid to play Dark Souls, people. Demon's Souls was given to me as an early Christmas gift last year, and its spiritual follow-up was one of my birthday presents soon after. I guess I've pissed my loved ones off, because they really wanted me to suffer with these games and their crazy difficulty.

I played a few hours of Demon's Souls and got through one boss. Now I'm stuck on another boss. I've since started playing other games, but I fully intend on returning to Demon's Souls and then following it up with Dark Souls.

I know these games are tough, though, which is exactly why I'm afraid of them. Like, terrified of them! If you're scared of Dark Souls like I am, you may be happy to know that the game's strategy guide has gotten the digital treatment and will now be up for purchase on the PlayStation Network.

The 143-page guide is available for 13 clams, which is a reasonable price. It's a 419 MB download, in case you're wondering. I really don't know if I'll be getting the guide myself. I mean, I know I'm going to need some help, but I might just try to tough it out. If I cave, though, I'm glad to see there's a solution right at my fingertips.


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