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Xbox Live Indie Games no longer hidden


Posted by: David Sanchez

In the past, you had to navigate through a few menus to find Xbox Live Indie Games. The service, which features a ton of content from smaller developers, isn't without duds, but there are also solid games worth checking out. Previously, it was a pain finding the service, which made it seem as if Microsoft was trying to kill its indie games channel.

Thankfully, a dashboard update has just remedied this. You can now find an "Indie" section on the Marketplace splash page next to the "Arcade" and "On Demand" sections. Good to see the little guy getting some recognition and being placed in plain sight.

Gamers and developers voiced their concern and frustration when XBLIG was moved to a "Game Type" section, effectively making it difficult to find. In a statement to Eurogamer, Microsoft stated, "Microsoft is continually working to better organise our digital game content on the platform and your feedback played a part in that. Part of this new organisation means that Xbox Live Indie Games now has a tile on the top level of the marketplace right next to Xbox Live Arcade and Xbox Games on Demand."

Glad to see that matter settled. As a huge fan of indie games, I know how important it is for these titles to be promoted in order to help out the folks who develop them. If they're not going to be promoted, then at the very least they should be visible rather than being tucked away from site. Good job, Microsoft!

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