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Waltraute's Flower Sidequest (Find the Technician) | Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragment Guide (#50)


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

Fragment Guide | Waltraute's Flower (#50)

Yachas Massif (110AF) - Find the Technician Sidequest
To complete this quest you'll need to find the service manual for the searchlights and deliver it to the technical engineer. After receiving the quest from the red orb in the middle of the ruins, ascend the ramp to the tent where Hope hangs out in other Yaschas Massif timelines. Use the Moogle Hunt ability to find the Service Manual. Then exit the ruins area, jumping atop a Chocobo and descending the mountain towards the searchlight area. Use the Chocobo's jump to get atop the small area overlooking the searchlights and talk to the technical engineer.
In response to the live trigger question, mention "The manual" (triangle button). The engineer will admit he was wrong, and hand over the Technician's Note. Return to the red orb to complete the quest and obtain Fragment of Time #50 - Waltraute's Flower
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