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Mirror of Atropos Sidequest | Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragment Guide (#40)


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

Fragment Guide | Mirror of Atropos (#40)

Yachas Massif (01XAF) - Three Fallen Stars Sidequest

To complete this quest and retrieve the Mirror of Atropos fragment, you'll need to find three crystals scattered around Yaschas Massif (01XAF) and return them to the ruins researcher Lester.
Where to find the Onyx Crystal:
In the southeast of the map you'll find a junction of three paths, with an inaccessible route to your east. Bearing left is a pile of rubble with a hidden item box atop it. Use the Moogle Hunt ability to retrieve the first crystal.
Where to find the Ivory Crystal:
From the Onyx Crystal go south, towards the southernmost gate. Push to the north of small enclosed area where the gate is found to find the second crystal. 
Where to find the Emerald Crystal:
In the area which was once illuminated by spotlights, move towards the gate in the northwest, with a large pit a few steps from it. Toss Mog into the pit to find the last crystal.
Return all three of these items to Lester and you'll be rewarded with Fragment of Time #40 - The Mirror of Atropos 
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