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Medal of Honor, God of War 4 in development?


Posted by: Matt Liebl

We've already known for a while that Santa Monica studios was working on a new Medal of Honor game; but, what we didn't know was that they are also working on the next installment in the God of War series.  VG Arabia has uncovered some new details about the possible development of these games, that if true, could indicate God of War IV is in development.

According to them, House of Moves mo-cap animator David Thornfield's LinkedIn profile revealed he was working on "crating high Quality animations using Motion Builder editing motion capture data for both in-game and cinematic animation" for Medal of Honor, God of War 4, and WWE '13.

It should be noted, that looking at his C.V now, it says the titles are "unannounced".

While God of War IV is somewhat unexpected, we've known that Medal of Honor would be coming.  After EA teased the game in boxes of Battlefield 3, Save the Date's were sent out for a March 6th event where EA would reveal the game.

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