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Twisted Metal University looks at the tactics of different vehicles


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Class is back in session at Twisted Metal University, with the second lesson focusing on "risk vs reward" theory behind the weapons of Twisted Metal.

The video below focuses on vehicle tactics, teaching you about the game's riskiest, but most rewarding attacks like the Blood Missile Barrage and Flamesaw.

In the video, you'll learn when to use each weapon for maximum efficiency.  For instance, the shotgun should be used at close range to ensure the most damage. 

Of course, each vehicle in Twisted Metal has its own plusses and minuses.  Having a strong special doesn't come without the price of sacrificing armor, for instance.  Learn about two of Twisted Metal's most high-risk special attacks from Roadkill and Reaper.

Tags: Twisted Metal, PS3

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