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Big in Japan - Metal Wolf Chaos Import Review


Posted by: Richard Eisenbeis

GameZone presents the final episode of Big in Japan, and boy does it go out with a bang.

Our very own Richard Eisenbeis reviews the completely ludicrous, yet absolutely kick ass game, that's so American, it could only be made in Japan.

Metal Wolf Chaos is an Xbox game that starred the American president, protecting America from terrorist a robot mech. You heard right. This over the top game was unfortunately never released in the US, but featured full English voice acting.

Developer From Software already knows a thing or two about mechs, so they didn't tread completely new territory with this game, but the premise alone makes is one of the most desirable games here in the US.

Since it was on the original Xbox, and isn't compatible with American Xbox 360 consoles, hunting a copy down means you either have to own or buy a Japanese Xbox.

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