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Pre-order Twisted Metal and get $10 off flowers for your Valentine


Posted by: Matt Liebl

The release date of Twisted Metal falls on the dreaded "holiday" of Valentine's Day, meaning if you have a significant other this could really cut into your playing time.  It's perhaps the most important/overlooked problem man has faced: gaming or girlfriend?

Thankfully, GameStop has a promotion that just might buy you some playing time.  When you pre-order Twisted Metal at GameStop, you'll receive $10 off an order from  Hopefully she'll be so overwhelmed with joy she won't notice the flaming clown heads, big explosions, and screams of pain. will take care of the lovey-dovey stuff, while you take care of the enemies.

The best part is when you pre-order Twisted Metal, you get early access to the exclusive Axel vehicle.  Who knows, maybe you could turn Valentine's Day in to a day of co-op destruction.  Nothing says "I love you" more than 1st place in Twisted Metal deathmatch.

The offer is valid through February 13th on a minimum purchase of $39.99.  The redemption code will be printed on Gamestop receipts for in-store purchases.

Of course, the real test to see if she loves you is if she surprises you with Twisted Metal.  That's how you know she is the one.

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