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How to Beat Atlas (Boss Guide) | Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

ACT II - Bodham Ruins (005 AF): Taking on Atlas

In this segment, we take on the beginning of the Bresha Ruins (005AF). After dispatching Atlus's first form in a stellar boss battle, the paradigm pack system is introduced, letting players add classic Final Fantasy monsters to their party.

Topics Covered:

  • How to fight Atlus (first form)
  • How to perfect the Cinematic Action sequence
  • Where to meet Alyssa
  • How to get the Academy Communicator
  • How to get the Bresha Ruins Map
  • Where to purchase the Meteorblaze and Howling Soul
  • How to get the Cait Sith and Zwerg Scandroid 
  • How to set up the Paradigm Pack
  • Items found: 350 Gil, 400 Gil, 'Leaving' Gate Seal.

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