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BioWare announces SWTOR Guild Summit from March 4th to 6th


Posted by: Mike Splechta

BioWare announced today the first ever Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild Summit.  Hosted in Austin, TX in March, guild leaders from around the world will gather together to discuss the state of SWTOR with developers from BioWare.  Over the course of a few days, Guild leaders (or a designated officer) will participate in Q&A sessions with developers, roundtable feedback discussions, and preview some upcoming game features - perhaps the Legacy System if it's not yet released by then?

The goal of the summit is to facilitate an open discussion between guild leaders and the game design team. This event will provide an opportunity for attendees to voice their feedback directly to the teams responsible for the design of Star Wars: The Old Republic, hear the team’s thoughts and reasons behind design decisions, and discuss the current direction of the game.

The Guild Summit will be hosted at the DoubleTree Hotel Austin from March 4th through the 6th, and will be invite-only due to space limitations.  Leaders from guilds of all backgrounds and sizes have been invited, but additional space is still available.  If interested, you can submit an application.

BioWare welcomes applications from leaders located around the world, but be advised that the Summit will be conducted entirely in English and you will be responsible for all of your travel, food, and lodging expenses.

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